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Jean Poirier, Audio Expert, had his first contact with audio at age 10 in 1966 when he built a speaker cabinet with four 4-inch woofers to hook up to his 45-rpm record player for singles. Then, in 1969, his brother bought a big stereo console, played the Beach Boy's "Good Vibrations," and it was a revelation to Jean. . .

Around 1972, he moved into 'real audio' with a Thorens turntable, Sansui amp and a pair of ESS speakers, and he was hooked for life. In 1977 he opened his own audio shop with his brother, running that for 6 years before becoming a rep on the road selling Bose, Mission, Star Choice, and Blaupunkt to retailers - then finally got on the right track with Axiom 6 years ago.

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