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Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

New Award and LFR1100 / ADA1500 Review!

Digital Trends rated the LFR1100s 9.5 /10!When Digital Trends contacted us last fall to find out 'what's new' at Axiom these days, we couldn't wait to tell them about the new omnidirectional loudspeakers that had recently been released. We arranged to have a pair sent to them with our ADA1500 amplifier.

Audio Engineer and Digital Trends reviewer Ryan Waniata's review speaks for itself. In addition to a review so descriptive of the listening experience that you have to read it yourself to believe it, the team at Digital Trends also bestowed a coveted Digital Trends Editors' Choice award, giving the LFR1100 Omnidirectional Speakers a whopping 9.5 / 10 stars. We're thrilled!

"Our experience with Axiom's LFR-1100 speakers and ADA-1500-4 amplifier was one of brilliance, revelation, and total musical immersion, on par with some of the best listening sessions we've ever experienced. We tested this system from every angle - literally and metaphorically - and we had a near impossible time exposing a flaw.

"On top of that, the LFR-1100s' massive soundstage and vibrant power also make them the perfect system for large gatherings of folks who actually care about the sound - no more fighting over that sweet spot. (Audiophile party anyone?) If you're looking to step into a real home hi-fi system, we think purchasing the Axiom LFR-1100 and ADA-1500-4 is an investment you will never regret."
-- Ryan Waniata , Digital Trends

Read the full, detailed review here » 

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Home Theater Special: Buy Any Complete System & Get a Free Pair of M3s!

From now until August 31st, 2013, buy a complete Home Theater System (fronts, center, surrounds and a subwoofer) and receive a pair of M3 Bookshelf Speakers in Black Oak or Boston Cherry absolutely free!

That's a savings of $378!

Use them to create another zone in your home, stash them away for holiday gifts, or send them off to college with your kids this fall and ensure they are the coolest kids in school! You always need another pair of M3s!
To receive your free pair of M3s simply add the M3s of your choice to your shopping cart with your Home Theater and enter "M3" in the Gift Certificate box and you will receive a discount of $378.

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Contest Winner Announced!

Axiom's Off-the-Wall contest appealed to a lot of you, and after a random draw of the entries by a customer at the factory auditioning the M100s, Stephen H., from Johnston, PA was the winner! He was able to answer our skill-testing question (quirky Canadian thing) and won his purchase of M22 On-Wall Speakers absolutely free. Congratulations Stephen!

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

M100 Floorstanding Speakers Are Shipping!

LFR1100The newest addition to the Axiom Family has started shipping. After great adventures with shipping companies and crossovers, they have started to head out to their new homes with you. Leaving the nest isn't easy for these behemoths - not the least because of their size - but we finally pried them out of their creators' and builders' hands and set them on their way. Check out more development and production shots of the new M100 Floorstanding Speakers on our Facebook page » (PS - we love your cheeky comments on the pics!)

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Building a Titanium Tweeter

Following up on our pieces about building a woofer, we thought we'd tell you a little bit about building an Axiom Tweeter. Axiom Founder and President shows you how our tweeters are built and some of the construction detail we go to.

Ian Colquhoun:
Today I thought we'd talk about tweeter manufacturing and driver manufacturing. It was really brought about by a post on our forums by regular Socketman, who asked if we build our own drivers, particularly the tweeter, and where we made the tweeter. So I thought I'd clarify that a bit.

It prompted a talk between Andrew [Welker, Axiom Engineer], about doing a whole video on not just the tweeter and where and how it's made, but actually into the whole tweeter design. We ended up deciding we'd save that for a completely separate video, later in the fall. For now I'll just keep to the manufacturing itself.

There was a really big change in the manufacturing of drivers for Axiom in 2008. Prior to that we had the component parts made to order (so they were our designs, but not made at our factory). Some of them were made at our factory in Canada, and the rest were purchased on an OEM basis in China. Frankly, we were never really 100% happy with that. In fact, starting well before that in 2004, I started the process of forming a WOFE, a Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise in China. It's a company that is 100% owned by our Canadian company. The idea was that we would set up and manufacture our own drivers in our own factory and to our own standards. It's called Axiom Audio Shanghai.

It took until 2006 to start manufacturing there and until 2008 to start producing our tweeters in our own factory ourselves. What follows is some still shots that I took earlier this year explaining the manufacturing.

The first shot shows a view to Motor Assembly.

Tweeter Motor Assembly
Tweeter Motor Assembly
This is the T-yoke magnet and top-plate getting glued together. The yellow piece is a jig that holds it while the glue dries.
Voice Coil
Voice Coil
The next shot is of a tweeter voice coil.The thing that's so interesting about this is that you'll notice that the actual voice coil lead is terminated right at the voice coil and a tinsel lead is soldered on at that point. This is very important for the longevity of a tweeter. It's quite common to just take the voice coil wire and extend it out across the terminal plate and solder it to the wire lug, but this is really fraught with problems and is probably going to fail over time. So we go to the expense of soldering on a tinsel lead so those lead wires don't break over time.
Building a Tweeter Video

Continue reading or watching Building an Axiom Tweeter »


Axiom Home Theaters

This beautiful on-wall home theater system really needs to be seen to be believed! Barnboard walls make this basement home theater, installed by our friends at Unlimited Home Theatre, a really unique and warm space. Gorgeous!

Axiom Home Theaters

Your Latest Letters

"I purchased the Axiom M80 towers, VP180 center, and QS8 surrounds to replace my Monitor Audio RS6 Silver 5.1 package. The service was excellent and delivery was extremely quick.

"Unpacking these monsters was a treat all by itself, but once I got them wired up and running... the sound was incredible. The soundstage was drastically improved upon and the detail was amazing. I could not be more pleased with my purchase. I auditioned many speakers prior to pulling the trigger on the Axiom product and I would say the Axioms outperform competitors in much higher price brackets. With ease. Well done Axiom!!!!"
-- Eric M., NC

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