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Axiom's EP600 Powered Subwoofer with the Stanley CupAs we like to say up here, north of the 49th parallel, "Here's where it gets Canadian. . . ." It can be hard to picture the size of speakers and subwoofers when you're looking at them online. Fortunately, with the help of our friends at Unlimited Home Theatre, there is a new benchmark that immediately communicates the size of the EP600: the Stanley Cup.

The subwoofer has a custom-designed rear label celebrating the owner's Stanley-Cup game-winning goal in the final minute of game 6 in the championship: Dave Bolland, a Canadian who was playing for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Bolland has now joined the Toronto Maple Leafs, where we hope he will help end another Stanley Cup drought!

Dave Bolland  Dave Bolland Sticker

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Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Special Amplifier Closeout Deals

We've got something unusual available in our Factory Outlet today - special amplifier closeouts! We've got a few lab models and an amplifier that was sent out as part of a review package that are available at a great discount. You save hundreds! Only three available - first come, first get! Click here for the details!

Axiom AudioFile Newsletter Continues

Subwoofer Amplifiers: Sourcing and Building a Robust Amp

Subwoofer amplifiers vary in weight, size, and length of warranty. What should you look for in a subwoofer amp? In this video, we tell you how we source our amp parts, according to what pieces make a difference.

Andrew Welker: Previously we've done a video showing you different adjustments and connections that are available on our subwoofer amplifiers. We decided today to shoot a video in the Axiom Electronic Prototyping Lab (you can see all the components behind us in the small containers).

We wanted to talk about the part of the subwoofer amplifier that you don't see, because from the outside, most amplifiers look pretty similar between different companies. It's a flat piece of metal. Sometimes there will be a heat-sync, sometimes there won't be, but basically they're all rectangular or square plates on the back of the subwoofer.

That's important because it's the interface that you, the customer, has for making connections and adjustments to your subwoofer. But the real 'meat' of the amplifier is going on in the inside, and it's on the inside – unfortunately the part you can't see – that tells us a lot about the quality of the amplifier and where your money is going.

All Axiom amplifiers, whether they be subwoofer amplifiers or stand-alone amplifiers, use something called a linear power supply. All that means is that it is a fairly old-school large toroidal power transformer and large filter capacitors.

What to Look For in a Subwoofer Amplifier

Continue reading or watching What To Look For In a Subwoofer Amp »


Axiom Home Theaters

We love Jason Albert's Heartland Home Theater installation. This dedicated home theater is a true movie buff's paradise, complete with posters, movie memorabilia, custom lighting and more. Check it out on our Wall'O'Fame!

Axiom Home Theaters

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Marimbas pop with an Axiom Amp

"Got [the ADA 1500-3 amplifier] yesterday. Hooked it up last night. Wife on the couch with me paying bills (she is not nearly into this stuff as I am, and has no clue what this amp cost). First up: Seal's Kissed by a Rose (acoustic version). I heard percussion instruments I had not heard before. But, maybe I was just paying more attention? I turned my head to ask my wife, when she blurted out "I can totally hear the marimba. That was NOT there before!!" She put the bills down.

"Next up, Keb Mo's Closer. Again, incredible detail. Again, I turned me head to get the wife's feedback. She had tears dripping off her face. She says: "Do NOT return this amp!!" This is one of her favorite songs, that she's heard numerous times. I could tell you more, but that's that pretty much sums it up. And were listening a "moderate levels" as the kids were asleep."
-- us3webbs, via our Message Boards

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