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October 29, 2008

The new T-Series In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speakers are launching!

Filed under: What's New — Tags: , , , — Amie C @ 9:29 am
T2: InWall Speakers

The long-rumoured T Series is launching this month! Audiophiles can now enjoy award-winning Axiom sound in a discrete enclosure that blends seamlessly into any décor. Place them in the ceiling for a practically invisible sound solution, or mount them along side a flat panel display for a sleek modern look.

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Axiom Environmental Chamber Simulates Extreme Climates

Filed under: What's New — Alan @ 8:09 am
Humidity Chamber

One of the newer additions to Axiom’s testing regimen is a special temperature and humidity chamber that can duplicate sweltering tropical heat and humidity or dry, freezing conditions—basically, any weather that an Axiom loudspeaker or amplifier is likely to encounter during its travels and residence anywhere on planet Earth.

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October 28, 2008

The M60 Floorstanding Speakers Receives Sparkling Review

Filed under: Press and Publications — Tags: , — Amie C @ 10:32 pm “The Axiom M60 v2 performs so far above its price that it might be the best speaker bargain today for under $1000/pair. The M60 v2 will draw you into your most-loved music, electrify your listening room with its seemingly boundless dynamic range, and re-create music in so tangible and lifelike a way that you’ll probably find yourself spending more time listening to music than you did before. The Axiom M60 v2 delivers not just good sound, but great sound. It’s one of the best speaker values on the market today.”
— Philip Beaudette,

President’s wife 🙂 Defacto, that makes her an audio guinea pig, whose only request to the lab is to always run sample products in colors that blend in with the rest of her home!

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