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May 28, 2009

Axiom Won the Best Subwoofer of 2009 from Audioholics!

EP800 DSP Sub is Best Subwoofer of 2009 from AudioholicsThe Audioholics Consumer Excellence (CE) Awards program “recognizes the most advanced and forward-thinking products” and they’ve selected the EP800 DSP Sub as Subwoofer of the Year!

If you want the ultimate in pure, subterranean bass, the Epicenter EP800 Intelligent DSP Subwoofer delivers.

President’s wife 🙂 Defacto, that makes her an audio guinea pig, whose only request to the lab is to always run sample products in colors that blend in with the rest of her home!

She considers herself the Audiobyte’s Number 1 fan.

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May 1, 2009

My Blu-ray Outputs Only Stereo

Q. I have a P-965 preamp that lacks HDMI and a multi-channel power amplifier. My Sony Blu-ray BDP-S300 player can output true surround audio only through the HDMI output. When it is connected through the optical cable, it mixes down everything into 2 channels. Since my P-965 preamp does not have HDMI, how do I get true surround sound? – D.M.

A. There are two ways to get surround sound from your Sony Blu-ray player.

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Comb Filtering – Popular Misconceptions

Filed under: Audio Knowledge — Tags: , — Alan @ 9:01 am

Perhaps it seems odd to discuss the teeth of a comb in connection with loudspeaker sound reproduction or the propagation of real sound waves, but it is relevant.

Comb filtering is a catchy audio phrase that’s used in audio discussions on forums, in articles, and often in the context of critical comments about the specifics of a particular speaker design. The fact is that comb filtering is simply a measurement artifact and does not detract from the listening experience. The research shows that comb filtering is not detrimental to accurate loudspeaker sound reproduction; at worst, it’s irrelevant, at best it actually adds a pleasurable element of spaciousness to stereo and surround sound.

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