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March 30, 2011

A/V Question: Dolby Digital/dts Decoder

Filed under: AV question — Tags: , — Alan @ 9:28 am

Q. My question may sound stupid, because I’m just a beginner in audio/video. Do I need to buy a DVD player with a built-in Dolby Digital dts 5.1-channel decoder? And if so, must I also buy an A/V receiver with a built-in Dolby Digital/dts decoder? Or would this be redundant? — G. F.

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March 17, 2011

LCD or Plasma as the Best TV Display Technology?

Filed under: AV question — Tags: , , — Alan @ 6:41 pm

Q. Which TV display technology is best? LCD or Plasma? Some store sales people claim that plasma sets use twice as much power as LCD sets. Others say that plasma screens have better “blacks”. Can you enlighten me?

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March 14, 2011

New Review! AudioReview’s Take On the M3 Bookshelf Speakers

Filed under: Uncategorized — Amie C @ 1:02 pm
M3 Bookshelf Speakers

M3 Bookshelf Speakers

The latest review is in from AudioReview on our small-but-mighty M3 bookshelf speaker:

So when the music stops and all is almost said and done, where do the Axiom’s land? Let me say this, I for some reason thought these were $600 speakers. When I checked the price again I was blown away to find out they were $348, especially when considering their performance . . . They are certainly worth auditioning. Especially if you are looking for speakers that will bring spring time to your winter. — Adam Labarge,

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March 10, 2011

The Fallacy of “Wireless” Speakers

Filed under: AV Tip of the Month — Tags: — Alan @ 5:09 pm

Virtually all but perhaps the most tech-obsessive geeks (and I count myself among that group) hate the hassle of wiring up a 5.1-channel (or 7.1-channel) home theater system—stringing those speaker cables under rugs or along the walls to each of five different speakers and a subwoofer, or “fishing” them through the walls to an outlet where the speaker is located. Consequently, the audio-video panacea of so-called “wireless” speaker systems holds enormous appeal, and various manufacturers have rushed in to fill the void.

Articles online and in audio-video magazines as well as ads have been positively gushing over the wonders of “wireless” speakers.

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