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May 27, 2011

AV Question of the Month: Does Jitter Matter?

Filed under: Uncategorized — Alan @ 8:02 am

Q. I read and enjoyed the recent article on audio from video players and how video players’ DACs are sufficiently good that there is no audible difference between them and dedicated CD players. This triggered a follow-up question. There are companies that advertise modifications to Blu-Ray players which include new analog input circuit boards to increase audio fidelity. According to these sources, the enemy is digital jitter. They claim that because an HDMI input necessarily interweaves audio and video information, the result will always be digital jitter, up to “7 nanoseconds” worth. Most of that is engineering-speak that is over my head. My question is if this is true, and more important, does it matter? I don’t doubt that they can show on paper that some aspect of the audio has improved, but is it likely that I will be able to hear a difference? Sometimes I feel like companies have consumers continuously seeking the Holy Grail of perfect specs, but that in reality, some of these expensive products and tweaks will not result in increased “real world” fidelity or enjoyment for 99.9% of those consumers. Thanks.—D.H.

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May 23, 2011

Epic Midi Review – A Fresh Look at the v3 Speakers

Filed under: Axiom in the Media,Press and Publications — Tags: — admin @ 6:15 am

There’s a new review of our often-overlooked Epic Midi Home Theater System.

Reviewer Jim Bray, publisher of Technofile Magazine and CBC Radio One Business Columnist, was impressed with this mighty little package.

“The Axioms didn’t seem to prefer one type of music or sound source over another, playing away happily regardless of what I threw at them.” — Jim Bray, Technofile

Axiom's Epic Mid Home Theater

Axiom's Epic Mid Home Theater Pictured in Light Maple

Read the full review here.

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May 20, 2011

New M22 Review: “Speakers For the Audiophile”

Axiom's M22s in Walnut with a natural finish.

Tyler Stripko of HomeTheaterHiFi has reviewed the M22s, and he was quite surprised by their performance!

It has been a long time since I have had a sub-$1,000 per pair set of speakers in my home, let alone sub-$500 per pair ones, but I was incredibly impressed with the capabilities of the M22.

Find out which $1,600 pair of speakers were deemed to be a close match for the M22s in this new review.

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May 5, 2011

New Review at the Shack – Epic 80-800 Wows Them!

Filed under: Axiom in the Media — Tags: — Amie C @ 5:07 pm

We recently had the opportunity to send our Epic 80 v 800 system to Home Theater Shack’s Dale Rasco. After a few months, we nudged him to find out how he was making out with his review system, and we were thrilled to hear he refused to send it back!

“The imaging was perfect and far superior to several more expensive systems I have heard and I am confident when I say that the clarity of the audio coming out of these speakers could not be matched at twice the price. . . The Axiom Epic 80 7.1 with the EP800 is absolutely the best sounding set of speakers I have heard in its price range.” — Dale Rasco,

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