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September 28, 2011

Center Speaker Placement: Crystal Clear Dialog At Last!

Filed under: AV Tip of the Month,How-To — Tags: , — Amie C @ 3:40 pm

Getting center speaker placement right is key.

You’ve finally got 5.1 surround sound in your house and you’re all settled in with a big bowl of popcorn and your favorite movie – you know the one – that will really show off your new system.

But . . . something’s lacking.  The dialog isn’t as clear as you were expecting.  What gives?

There are a few hard-and-fast rules to center speaker placement that can really make a difference in whether your system sounds like it was professionally set up.

First:  Check Your Receiver Settings

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September 20, 2011

New M2 Bookshelf Review!

M2 Bookshelf Speaker Walnut

M2 Bookshelf Speaker in Walnut Walnut

The Guru of 3D has just reviewed the M2 bookshelf speakers as part of a computer system, and they loved them!

“We have tested quite a few speakers lately within this price range but we found the M2’s to be an excellent balance between audio quality and price point.  We like them so much; they have the crown in our audio lab for stereo speakers at this price point until we find a new set to surpass them.”

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September 14, 2011

Center Speakers: Choosing and Placing Your Center Channel

center speaker

Axiom's VP150 Center Speaker

Choosing center speakers can seem more confusing than picking the front left-and-right speakers sometimes.  Do you go with a big one to get more dialog, or smaller model to fit that little niche in the equipment rack?

The Goal

Center channels carry the weight of the dialog in movie and Dolby surround sound television broadcasts.  Often people complain that their new flat-screen display is all but inaudible, a problem that is easily remedied by adding left-and-right channel front speakers and a matching center speaker. Let’s face it – the tiny drivers that engineers are forced to use to fit speakers in those flat screens are simply too small to do a good job of conveying dialog in normal-sized rooms.

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September 7, 2011

Home Theater Design: Four Key Considerations

Filed under: How-To — Tags: , — Amie C @ 6:58 pm

Recently a friend of Axiom  appeared on Facebook to tell us his Axiom’s were still going strong, 6 years after they first made the flight to Indonesia.  I could immediately picture his room, because at the time, dedicated home theater rooms weren’t that common in North America, let alone around the world!

Home theater design has come a long way from five-speakers-stuffed-into-the-basement-rec-room.  People have managed to convert empty spaces above garages, or taken over other rooms to build a truly decked-out home theater room.

How can you build your dream room?  Here are four key considerations to take into account as you put pencil to paper (or mouse to screen):

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