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January 22, 2011

An Update on the Restoration of the ’41 GMC Truck

Filed under: Fun around the factory — Amie C @ 10:05 am

Were you one of the many car aficionados at the Axiom Anniversary party who checked out the restoration of Ian’s Grandad’s ’41 GMC half-ton pick up truck? If so, this update is for you!

Steve Readman has been working hard getting all the parts sourced and the body parts cleaned up and painted. He’s restoring the truck to the original blue it was when Ian’s mother learned to drive on it.

Below are pictures of Steve with the truck yesterday, as well as the front grill, the engine, the dash and the steering column.

More news as it continues! And for those of you who are really interested, here’s a link to the original ad, posted on Flickr:

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