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July 30, 2010

Axiom Launches M3 and VP100 In-Wall Speakers

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M3 In Wall Speakers

Expanding our popular line of in-wall audiophile-quality speakers that virtually disappear within a room, Axiom is proud to announce the arrival of the M3 in-wall speaker and the VP100 in-wall center speaker, perfectly tuned for medium-sized media rooms, living rooms, dens, and bedrooms.

Building from the exceptional M3 bookshelves, the $330 in-wall M3 offers the same detail and imaging, producing the kind of sound that lets you feel a soundtrack, not just hear it. This is an all-around speaker and an excellent choice if you are starting your home theater off without a subwoofer.

Rounding out the in-wall family and joining the M2 and M22 in-wall models, we’ve also developed the VP100 in-wall. It was designed to fit between standard 16-inch wall studs. This in-wall center channel also takes advantage of your wall’s properties and uses the same convenient integrated enclosure that recesses into the wall as our other in-wall speakers.

The result? Crystal clear dialog that makes all your movies more enjoyable and realistic.

The VP100 in-wall with its all-new tweeter faceplate design retails for $255.

Mounted next to the new ultra-flat-screen displays, form and function blend seamlessly for a sleek modern look, and with six grille colors available to choose from it’s easy to coordinate with your room decor. The slim 3/8ths-inch baffle can be painted to exactly match the wall it is on, as pictured above, fully integrating it into your room.

See all our in-wall products here.

President’s wife 🙂 Defacto, that makes her an audio guinea pig, whose only request to the lab is to always run sample products in colors that blend in with the rest of her home!

She considers herself the Audiobyte’s Number 1 fan.

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