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October 28, 2014

Blind Listening Tests

Filed under: AV question — Amie C @ 12:12 pm

Ian Colquhoun and Andrew Welker are in the Axiom Blind Listening Test room for the first in a series of videos – maybe four or five – on the topic of blind listening tests and their importance to acoustic research. We’ll also focus particularly on when it is important that a test is done blind as opposed to sighted.

Ian: I thought I’d start with just a bit of a history of how I was introduced to double-blind listening tests. It dates back to the early 80s when I first arrived at the National Research Council (NRC). They had a room set up there for the purpose of conducting double-blind research testing. They’d been doing it for quite a few years and gathering data on questions like

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March 21, 2013

Dual Subwoofers: How to Hook Up Multiple Subs

Filed under: Audio Knowledge,AV question — Amie C @ 2:31 pm

Today, Axiom Engineer Andrew Welker discusses how to hook up dual (or multiple) subwoofers.  We often recommend that customers who are looking for a smooth, even bass response at every point in their home theater room look at adding a second (or more) subwoofers to the room.  What this does is even out any peaks or nulls in the room that can occur at seats other than your own.

Andrew:  Today we’re going to look at how to wire up multiple subwoofers.  We are big advocates of having more than one subwoofer in your system because it really smooths out the low frequency bass response in the room.  Even two subwoofers can do a much better job giving you nice linear bass.

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February 19, 2013

Subwoofer Setup: Where to Begin To Get Great Bass

Filed under: Audio Knowledge,AV question — Tags: , — Amie C @ 3:05 pm

Subwoofer Setup: Where To BeginThere’s something so exciting about unboxing a new home theater system. You can almost smell the popcorn in the air . . . but once you’ve got everything in your room and you have the front speakers, center channel, and surround speakers in their designated space, you’re left with the one speaker whose placement isn’t immediately obvious.

Andrew Welker, Axiom design engineer, has a beginning guide to subwoofer setup in the video below.

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October 22, 2012

Winner of the Six Word Contest!

Filed under: AV question — Amie C @ 4:27 pm

And the winner is . . . . really almost too hard to tell! We ran them through a text-to-James-Earl-Jones-Voice-Simulator so they’d all sound equally profound, and came up with a tie for first, a close second, and then a pile’o’we-really-love-this-one.

First Place: Graeme: At first listen, I was hooked.
SecondFirst Place: Gary (slightly late but too good to miss): Axiom, don’t stay home without ‘em.
Second Place: Luc: Turn them on, they will disappear!

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