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April 11, 2014

Positioning Floorstanding Speakers

Filed under: Audio Knowledge,AV Tip of the Month,How-To,Stereo — Andrew Welker @ 5:23 am

Today we’re going to continue our series of discussions on the basics of loudspeaker setup and positioning. We’ve already covered center channels, bookshelf speakers, port plugs, mounting on mounting brackets, and more, and today we’re going to get to floorstanding or tower speakers.

We’ve got an M80 High-Powered floorstanding speaker here in the video so you can get some ideas of what goes on in the room – how it interacts with the loudspeaker – and some simple tips that you can use when you’re first setting up your speakers to try and get the best out of them.

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February 11, 2014

Speaker Placement Series Part 2

Filed under: AV Tip of the Month,How-To — Tags: , — Andrew Welker @ 6:07 pm

In our second installment of the basics of speaker placement and set up, we continue on the theme of bookshelf speakers and center channel speakers (see Part 1 here). For all you floorstanding speaker owners out there, don’t worry: future videos are going to cover the specifics of those types of products.

One of the things that we talked about in the last video was to try to get speakers mounted in a cabinet or a bookshelf as close to ear level as possible. But there’s always going to be some situations where you don’t have the luxury of doing that. In the case where you’ve got to have the speaker on a low shelf or the center channel on a low shelf in a cabinet, what you want to do is have the speaker tilted upward so that it is firing at ear level. One of the members of our forums actually tried this out on his center channel and found that he got an improvement in clarity when he made the change.

Note: If you purchase a VP100 or VP150, they can easily be flipped to accommodate angled placement. See this video by Debbie Swinton. For VP160s or VP180s, Andrew’s comments apply.

Axiom center channels can actually be ordered to have the angled section on the bottom of the speaker instead of top, which will have the speaker naturally sitting up at an angle. If, however, you’ve already ordered your center channel and you’re changing your set up or installation, you can easily buy something like a rubber doorstop to help angle the speaker up. My brother-in-law actually uses hockey pucks for this which also works well.

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November 16, 2012

Setting Up Your New Home Theater

You’ve ordered the latest Hollywood blockbuster, stocked the cupboard with popcorn, and invited the neighbors over for ‘the big demo’: what’s left to do before debuting your new home theater system?  In a word, configuration.  Setting it up properly can make all the difference between a polite “Isn’t that a lot of speakers?” and “Wow – honey you need to get us one of these for our house!” So what exactly do you need to do?

Step 1: Get The Seating Plan Together

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August 13, 2012

Can You Mix Old and New Speakers in a Home Theater Audio System?

Filed under: AV question,AV Tip of the Month — Amie C @ 5:01 pm

It’s a question we hear a lot: can you mix old and new speakers in a home theater audio system? Good news – you absolutely can! Whether you’re upgrading a home-theater-in-a-box you bought at the local big-box store, or if you’re just starting out with some speakers you found in the garage, here’s the right path to take if you would like to ease into a new home theater system.

If you’ve been listening to the same stereo speakers you got in high school, trust me – times have changed and sound has improved. Start with upgrading these first.

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