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May 20, 2011

New M22 Review: “Speakers For the Audiophile”

Axiom's M22s in Walnut with a natural finish.

Tyler Stripko of HomeTheaterHiFi has reviewed the M22s, and he was quite surprised by their performance!

It has been a long time since I have had a sub-$1,000 per pair set of speakers in my home, let alone sub-$500 per pair ones, but I was incredibly impressed with the capabilities of the M22.

Find out which $1,600 pair of speakers were deemed to be a close match for the M22s in this new review.

M22 Review at Home Theater Hi Fi

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May 5, 2011

New Review at the Shack – Epic 80-800 Wows Them!

Filed under: Axiom in the Media — Tags: — Amie C @ 5:07 pm

We recently had the opportunity to send our Epic 80 v 800 system to Home Theater Shack’s Dale Rasco. After a few months, we nudged him to find out how he was making out with his review system, and we were thrilled to hear he refused to send it back!

“The imaging was perfect and far superior to several more expensive systems I have heard and I am confident when I say that the clarity of the audio coming out of these speakers could not be matched at twice the price. . . The Axiom Epic 80 7.1 with the EP800 is absolutely the best sounding set of speakers I have heard in its price range.” — Dale Rasco,

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April 25, 2011

New Review! Axiom M3 Bookshelf Speakers

Filed under: Axiom in the Media — Tags: , — Amie C @ 1:31 pm
Vermont Maple M3 Bookshelf Speakers

Vermont Maple M3 Bookshelf Speakers

Home Theater Hi Fi Reviewer Greg Z has just finished his review of the Axiom M3 v3 Bookshelf Speakers in our Vermont Maple custom vinyl finish.

Clean, neutral, low coloration, great dynamics, and in the case of the M3 a truly “natural” and realistic midrange that’s the next best thing to being there. At $350 for the pair you are getting some serious value for your bookshelf. With a sub these speakers will even work well as primary speakers for HT use – they have the legs to handle it. You are also getting a product backed up by a process of measurement and continuous evolution as well as a level of dedication to perfecting a that works in the lab and translates to the real world.

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April 11, 2011

Sizzling new review – Epic 80 – 800

Filed under: Axiom in the Media — Amie C @ 12:12 pm

Epic 80 800 Reviewer`s Choice AwardWow – the latest review of the Epic 80-800 is out and it’s hot-hot-hot!

SoundStageExperience Reviewer Vince Hanada declared “This system gets my highest recommendation.”

We got a big grin out of his description of the EP800 subwoofer: “Another no-compromise, damn-the-torpedoes Axiom design.”

Read the whole review and find out what he thought of the new VP180 center channel here.

Epic 80 800 Home Theater Speaker System

Epic 80 800 Home Theater Speaker System in Black Oak

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