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July 20, 2011

3 Speaker Home Theater? Absolutely!

Filed under: Uncategorized — Alan @ 9:14 pm

A 3 speaker home theater is a great way to start

To start your 3 speaker home theater, you’re going to need a matching stereo pair of speakers for the left and right front channels. A pair of compact affordable “bookshelf” speakers like the Axiom M2 v3’s or M3 v3s would be an excellent purchase and jumping off point. Those two speakers will handle lots of movie score music and sound effects, as well as serving as highly musical and neutral speakers for any type of music playback.

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July 7, 2011

Indoor Outdoor Speakers: Blend Sound In Beautifully

Filed under: Uncategorized — Amie C @ 7:53 pm

Great sound, great colors

What’s the best way to get indoor outdoor speakers that sound great and blend in?  Get them custom-painted to match your home!  You can choose to match trim, to match decking – even to match trees!

At Axiom we believe that if you have great sound in the house, you don’t want to compromise when you’re enjoying an evening on the patio, or rocking the neighborhood with an outdoor barbecue.

The Axiom Algonquin Indoor Outdoor Speakers, named after one of Canada’s most beautiful National Parks, bring you the luxury of high-end sound, in a finish that disappears into your design.

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June 20, 2011

California Home Theater – Front

Filed under: Uncategorized — admin @ 1:51 pm
California Home Theater - Front

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May 27, 2011

AV Question of the Month: Does Jitter Matter?

Filed under: Uncategorized — Alan @ 8:02 am

Q. I read and enjoyed the recent article on audio from video players and how video players’ DACs are sufficiently good that there is no audible difference between them and dedicated CD players. This triggered a follow-up question. There are companies that advertise modifications to Blu-Ray players which include new analog input circuit boards to increase audio fidelity. According to these sources, the enemy is digital jitter. They claim that because an HDMI input necessarily interweaves audio and video information, the result will always be digital jitter, up to “7 nanoseconds” worth. Most of that is engineering-speak that is over my head. My question is if this is true, and more important, does it matter? I don’t doubt that they can show on paper that some aspect of the audio has improved, but is it likely that I will be able to hear a difference? Sometimes I feel like companies have consumers continuously seeking the Holy Grail of perfect specs, but that in reality, some of these expensive products and tweaks will not result in increased “real world” fidelity or enjoyment for 99.9% of those consumers. Thanks.—D.H.

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