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September 1, 2010

New auction site launches and Factory Outlet Is Changing

Filed under: What's New — Tags: , , , , — Amie C @ 1:00 am

Change is afoot at Axiom! We have just completed our new auction and outlet site, Axiom Deals. This new part of the Axiom site has three facets:

  1. Buy Axiom Overstock
    Replacing the former factory outlet, this section of the site is where you’ll be able to buy any available B-stock speakers in real time. No more wait lists!
  2. Axiom Refurbs
    For the first time, you can now buy refurbished Axiom products at a discount! Watch this section for a hot deal on refurbished products, complete with our Axiom 30-day guarantee and warranty.
  3. Sell Your Used Gear for Axiom Bucks
    In another first for the site, we’ve made a buy-sell section available to members of Sign in with your username and password from the main site, and post your used gear (Axiom or otherwise) for sale. If it sells, you’ll get Axiom bucks to spend on anything in the site.

For complete details or to start buying or selling, visit Axiom Deals.

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