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February 3, 2012

Superbowl Sound: Four Tips For Four Amazing Quarters

Filed under: How-To — Tags: , — Amie C @ 11:59 am

Superbowl Sound: The best footballparties this weekend will have Team Axioms!

Hosting the big game at your place this weekend? You’ll hear every call if your Superbowl sound is coming from a well set-up surround sound speaker system.

Getting great Superbowl sound relies on a few factors:

  1. Power: ¬†without enough of it, your gametime audio is like a quarterback who forgot his Wheaties. ¬†Make sure you you have enough amplifier power to do justice to the speakers. ¬†Not sure how to tell? ¬†Most manufacturers publish at least a maximum amp power – try to get as close to that as possible. ¬†Axiom publishes a minimum power as well, so make sure you have at least that much power going in! ¬†Tip from the Secret Playbook: ¬†The bigger your room, the closer to the maximum amplifier you should be to get that won’t-watch-the-game-anywhere-else-every-again experience.

  3. Play: ¬†Make sure you’re not using a stereo receiver – or worse, your TV speakers – when the big game is being broadcast in Dolby Digital. ¬†The National Football League led the sports charge with the first high-definition surround-sound broadcast with the 2000 Superbowl. ¬†All NFL games and most other sporting events are now being broadcast in 5.1 surround sound – don’t miss feeling like you’re right in the audience. ¬†Nothing is as authentic as hearing a heckler coming from right behind you with Superbowl audio providing the calls.

  5. Positioning: ¬†Is your home theater set up properly? ¬†Have you taken the time to do the subwoofer crawl? ¬†Ensure that your front speakers form a triangle with the ‘sweet spots’ on the couch: ¬†your front left and right speakers should be the same distance from the seating position, and slightly forward of the center channel. ¬†The distance from the right and left speakers should be equal from the center channel.Tip from the Secret Playbook:¬†¬†If your center channel has gotten shoved to the back of a shelf, pull it slightly forward over the lip of the shelf for the big game (really for every time you listen, but I understand the wife vote!) to get the clearest dialog. ¬†Need to invert your center? ¬†Check out our center channel placement video here.

  7. Proper Balance: ¬†Make sure all your speaker levels are balanced properly. ¬†Sometimes curious fingers get playing around in the menus and suddenly one channel is turned way down. ¬†Check the on-screen display and if you have SPL meter, run pink noise through your speakers. ¬†Check out this great superbowl sound must-have app if ¬†you don’t.

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3 comments on “Superbowl Sound: Four Tips For Four Amazing Quarters

  1. Kruncher on said:

    Good points Amie for enjoying, but your app link is just a little off.

  2. Kruncher on said:

    Er, for enjoying *the game* (oops), and clearly embedded links aren’t allowed in comments. The adjusted link is

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