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August 22, 2008

Good Gear Guide Australia – Axiom Audio Audiobytes

Axiom Audiobytes in Custom Metallic Green Finish, pictured with optional subwoofer.

Good Gear Guide Australia reviews the AudioByte 2.1 Computer Speakers.
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July 14, 2008 Includes AudioByte Computer Speakers in their Top 10 Hi-Tech School Supplies

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AOL Tech / Top 10 Hi-Tech School Supplies
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June 29, 2007

AudioByte Computer Speakers Reviews

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Axiom Computer Speakers 'tricked out' for gaming.
Axiom Audiobyte Computer Speakers tricked out in custom orange with ‘ghost flames’ on the amplifier. A custom set for a gaming enthusiast.

Reviews of the new Audiobyte Computer Speakers are coming in and we’re so pleased with the response!

“So how did they sound? Much better than I expected… they ARE audiophile quality. It’s not that I don’t expect great things from Axiom, it’s just that small speakers have limitations due to the laws of physics and have a hard time reproducing a full, believable midrange. The Audiobytes were demonstrated with classical music, the hardest test of any speaker and the sound was smooth, sweet, full, and clear… definitely the best I’ve heard from any computer speaker, including my Monsoons… which I thought would NEVER be beaten in their class.”
— Don Lindich, SoundAdvice

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