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September 28, 2008

AudioByte Computer Speakers Win GamePro Editor’s Choice

“How does it perform? In a word: amazing.”

GamePro Editor's Choice Winner

The Audiobyte set delivers performance that you’d expect out of a truly high-end system; no surprise considering Axiom’s been in the high-end audio market for a long time. The audio is crystal clear and we didn’t have to turn up the volume much to get it to the point where people on the other side of the office were complaining about the racket. The subwoofer also provides a nice, deep bass response. All in all, the Audiobyte pumps out some amazing audio that really brought out the best in our music, games and movies.”
Editor’s Choice - Tae Kim,

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June 29, 2007

AudioByte Computer Speakers Reviews

Filed under: Press and Publications — Tags: , , — Amie C @ 7:58 am
Axiom Computer Speakers 'tricked out' for gaming.
Axiom Audiobyte Computer Speakers tricked out in custom orange with ‘ghost flames’ on the amplifier. A custom set for a gaming enthusiast.

Reviews of the new Audiobyte Computer Speakers are coming in and we’re so pleased with the response!

“So how did they sound? Much better than I expected… they ARE audiophile quality. It’s not that I don’t expect great things from Axiom, it’s just that small speakers have limitations due to the laws of physics and have a hard time reproducing a full, believable midrange. The Audiobytes were demonstrated with classical music, the hardest test of any speaker and the sound was smooth, sweet, full, and clear… definitely the best I’ve heard from any computer speaker, including my Monsoons… which I thought would NEVER be beaten in their class.”
— Don Lindich, SoundAdvice

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