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October 30, 2012

History of Tweeter Design. . . or the Flaming Tweeter Story

Filed under: Fun around the factory — Tags: — Amie C @ 3:59 pm

A recent discussion over brunch with some Axiom friends led to talk of ‘remember this speaker’ and ‘remember that speaker’? One speaker came up that sounded so crazy I just had to Google it: the Magnat Flaming Tweeter.

“I remember that speaker!” Ian exclaimed. “I heard it – at Brent’s store! Didn’t sound too bad actually!”

A quick note to Brent had him reveling in nostalgia, and digging old literature out. “Those are relics from the past. They were available in their transpulse series or you could buy the plasma amplifier and add to your existing speaker. Gave off a very obnoxious smell especially when driven hard but incredible when you needed a light in the wee hours.”

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