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November 23, 2011

Things To Consider When Installing An In Wall Speaker

Filed under: Home Theater,How-To — Tags: , , — Amie C @ 5:48 pm

In Wall SpeakersAs whole-house audio grows in popularity, more and more people are adding an in wall speaker system to rooms that don’t have room for stand-alone speakers.  Are there things you need to consider when installing an in wall speaker?  You bet there are!

First of all, a speaker isn’t like a piece of art (or at least, isn’t like most pieces of art) in that it moves.  As you put music through it, it vibrates and oscillates.  That means when you are choosing the right in wall speaker for your installation, it’s especially important to make sure the clamping mechanism is secure, and won’t result in bits of drywall dust eternally falling from the cut-out.

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