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July 15, 2013

The Family of Curves

One thing you may have wondered about Axiom’s research is what is actually being researched from day to day. Ian Colquhoun and Andrew Welker explain the basis of that research and what they use the anechoic chamber for on a daily basis in the following video, the family of curves.

Ian Colquhoun: Today we want to talk about the ‘family of curves’, a topic we feel is not discussed often enough. It’s a topic which is extremely important to the sound of a loudspeaker – it is about what you’re actually going to hear in a room and how we determine that. As for why it’s not talked about enough, I think there are two reasons:

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April 26, 2013

Building an M80 Floorstanding Speaker: A Look at What’s Inside

Filed under: Audio Knowledge — Tags: , , — Amie C @ 7:19 am

Most people only ever see the outside of their loudspeakers, and that’s probably a good thing!  But if you’ve ever wondered what goes into building a loudspeaker, then this video will walk you through the inner workings of an M80 Floorstanding Speaker.  Axiom Engineer Andrew Welker explains the parts inside and Axiom’s innovations in the loudspeaker building process.

Andrew Welker:  I thought it would be quite interesting today to show you a view of either a speaker you own, if it happens to be an Axiom Product, or actually what goes into building a speaker box.  Obviously most of the time we only see what’s going on on the outside of the speaker, not what’s inside.

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