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July 7, 2010

A/V Tip of the Month: Loudspeaker Tonal Balance

A recent newcomer’s post on Axiom’s forums raised the question of loudspeaker tonal balance, specifically the relative “sound” of Axiom’s M22 versus the M3 bookshelf speakers.

My answer pointed out that the M3 gave the impression of having more bass output than the M22, partly because of the M3’s bass hump around 100 Hz. Another forum regular (Jakewash) gave another reason for the M3’s bass sounding more prominent, noting:

“The difference is whether or not you like your midrange sound equal/upfront to the bass (M22) or laid back (M3). The M3 actually has a midrange dip that makes the upper bass sound more prominent than the midrange giving the illusion of more bass when in fact it is less midrange.”

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