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August 28, 2008

Algonquin Outdoor Speakers Delivers “High Fidelity Sound Outdoors”

Algonquin Outdoor Speakers in Almond Bisque
Axiom’s Algonquin Outdoor Speakers pictured in Almond Bisque.

“[The Algonquin’s] ability to give you a full spectrum of sound, solid bass extension, and plenty of efficiency and power handling makes them ideal for those looking for quality bookshelf-type speaker systems for their gaming room or covered barbeque area. . . the Algonquins would really draw attention to themselves to visiting friends who aren’t accustomed to having high fidelity sound outdoors. Axiom’s color matching, unparalleled customer service and generous return policy makes them a safe buy for anyone not sure if these speakers are right for them.”
– Gene Della Sala,

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