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November 24, 2010

The Smart Audio-Video Shopper’s Guide to Black Friday Sales

Filed under: Audio Knowledge — Tags: , , , — Alan @ 2:13 pm

With Thanksgiving and turkey in the offing, Black Friday sales are sure to follow, and the current wobbly economy is certain to make audio-video consumers searching for real electronics bargains even more sharp-eyed than usual. While genuine mark-downs and bargains are out there, here are some caveats on shopping wisely for audio-video gear, whether it’s a big flat-screen TV to replace that obsolete “picture-tube” TV or a home theater multi-channel surround sound system.

LCD or Plasma?
Sales volume and off-shore manufacturing have reduced the prices of flat-screen LCD and plasma TVs to a fraction of what they cost five years ago. Now is an excellent time to shop for a nice, thin flat-screen set, as further dramatic price reductions are unlikely. Which type to get?

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