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July 9, 2010

Question of the Month: Why 4-Ohm Impedance?

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Q. What are the advantages of 4-ohm speakers? Why did Axiom choose an impedance of 4 ohms instead of 8 ohms for the M80s? – T.M.

A. Impedance is complicated and frequently misunderstood. A speaker designer doesn’t “choose” speaker impedance. The overall impedance is dictated by the number of drivers and the crossovers. It is an electrical characteristic that reflects the total current draw of all the wire in the voice coil of each driver plus the two crossovers (for the M80). You will find most very large tower speakers like Axiom’s M80, which has six drivers, will typically have around 4 ohms impedance. Other smaller speakers typically have 8-ohm impedances because they use only two drivers and one crossover.

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