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April 16, 2013

Understanding Subwoofer Controls or What Do All Those Things Do, Anyway?

Filed under: Amplifiers,Audio Knowledge,How-To — Tags: , — Amie C @ 7:26 am

Click to enlarge the subwoofer amplifier

One look at the back of a subwoofer amplifier and your first thought might very well be “Yikes!  What did I sign up for?”  But relax – while each knob, gizmo and switch does have its own job, it’s easy to understand what they do once you hear an expert explain it to you. Listen as Andrew Welker, Axiom Design Engineer, explains the Axiom subwoofer amplifier settings.

Andrew Welker:  I’m going to talk a little bit about the controls and the functions that are available on the backs of our subwoofers.

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March 12, 2013

Connecting A Subwoofer: What Goes Where?

Filed under: Audio Knowledge — Tags: , , , — Amie C @ 9:38 am

Connecting a SubwooferContinuing in our series of videos about subwoofer setup, Axiom Engineer Andrew Welker gives us an idea of what you need to know about subwoofer connections.  It can be confusing – XLR, Line Level, RCA . . . what’s the right one to use?

Andrew  Welker:  Today we’re going to talk a little bit about connecting a subwoofer to a receiver.  Connecting a subwoofer is not very difficult, particularly as most home theater receivers now have dedicated Subwoofer Outputs on them.  The first thing that I want to mention is that before you make any connections it’s a good idea to make sure that the power is off to the receiver and the subwoofer.   You’re not necessarily going to damage anything, but it can cause some startling bangs and noises if things are not right.

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January 21, 2011

What are “balanced connections” and the benefits of balanced cable?

Filed under: AV question — Tags: , , , — Alan @ 3:22 pm

Q. Some expensive A/V preamp-processors and power amplifiers offer “balanced connections.” And the new Axiom EP600 and EP500 subs also have them. What are they, and are “unbalanced” connections inferior to balanced? What would I gain in performance using balanced cable? – J.C.

Balanced Connector

Balanced Connector

Used almost universally in the world of recording studios and professional broadcasters, balanced cable use a three-wire cable fitted with very secure and solid “XLR” connectors (sometimes called “Cannon” connectors). The three-wire balanced configuration is composed of an outer shield surrounding two out-of-phase inner wires that carry the positive and negative portions of the signal. This enables running very long cables–hundreds of feet if necessary– between amplifiers and preamps or between microphones and a mixing console without picking up hum or interference and without significant signal loss.

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December 23, 2010

Subwoofer Phase Switch

Filed under: AV question — Tags: — Alan @ 2:57 pm

Q. What does the “Phase” switch on my subwoofer do? Do I set it to 0 or 180?

A. It synchronizes the in-and-out movement of your sub’s woofer with the woofers in the rest of your system so that when the subwoofer cone is “pushing” air out, the other woofer diaphragms are also moving outward. If your subwoofer is on the same plane as your front speakers then set the subwoofer phase switch to 0. If your subwoofer is located anywhere else then try the phase switch in both positions and set it to the position that produces the strongest bass at your listening position. Given the vagaries of bass standing waves that result in all rooms, you may notice no difference at all, in which case set the switch to 0.

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