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#403790 - 05/02/14 09:48 PM Re: M100 v4 NEW purchase. ***** [Re: Ian]
BapchaMan Offline

Registered: 04/02/14
Posts: 3
a. FLAC files on a Logitech Transporter (was Slim Devices)
b. Ayre K5-xe-MP preamp
c. 14B SST amplification
d. Self-built cables (bi-wired to the speakers)
e. M80-v3 circa Dec 2012 or M100 v4 circa two days ago

Thanks much for your help guys. Some more info. The rooms in my place (fortunately) are fairly large. I now have an A/B setup so I can check the two. Yes, I did equalize the volumes to a certain extent. All of the vortexes are open.

More observations:
a. The M80s are more efficient than the M100's (fewer drivers should help, the sensitivity now depends on the crossover)
b. The tweeters on the M100 are supposedly better, but the attack, decay and general quality of treble (including cymbals, wire brushes) seem superior on the M80-v3
c. Yes, the bottom-line bass on the M100 is indeed superior
d. I placed the speakers at least 36" from the back wall, 2' from the side walls, and toed them in a little (about the same on both sides - don't know the angle, but maybe 5 degrees?

1. Like yesterday, if I say in the same room as the music system, the M80s are far superior - sound quality, attack, decay and IMAGING. The m100s have seriously muddled imaging
2. Go to the next room, and put a half wall between the speakers and me, and this is NOT intuitive - the IMAGING of the M100s gets really sharp. The M80's - get muddled and are not sharp!!!!
3. I listen to most of my music walking around, but when I want to listen critically, I do not want to go to the next room over.
4. M100's imaging is AWESOME with fewer instruments. What I said above regarding imaging applies to a large orchestras.

Some of this makes sense, most of it does not (to me).


Edited by BapchaMan (05/02/14 10:17 PM)

#403796 - 05/03/14 12:57 AM Re: M100 v4 NEW purchase. [Re: Ian]
brwsaw Offline

Registered: 10/12/12
Posts: 1021
Just curious, how far away are you sitting from them?
Not sure it will help but they posted some interesting numbers here. They may not relate to your room but it might be worth the effort.

The M100 and their positioning is reviewed in the second post.

Edited by brwsaw (05/03/14 12:59 AM)
"everything that goes through a tweaker's head that usually doesn't"

Chesseroo (misquote, for fun)

#403802 - 05/03/14 05:17 AM Re: M100 v4 NEW purchase. [Re: BapchaMan]
Ian Offline

Registered: 03/13/01
Posts: 808
Your M80v3s are a little over one year old so they have the v4 crossovers. This means you are in the same family of products from a family of curves perspective (M80, M80HP, and M100) all v4. But given your large space and powerful amplifier you are going to be able to fully utilize the advantages of the M100 with its much more powerful low frequency max SPL.

Due to the higher mass of the individual bass drivers the M100 will be slightly less efficient than the M80 regular version. This will affect the A/B results outside of the expected differences in the bass region as you are not quite at equal level. There is also the position to take into account. I would suggest disconnecting the wires from all the speakers and flipping their positions so the M80s are where the M100s are now and vice versa. Hook the wires back up so what is now A becomes B. You will still have that slight efficiency difference with the M80s playing slightly louder than the M100s but you can try to adjust for that with a small movement of the volume knob.

At the end of the day though you may be better to just put the M100s in the position that they sound the best and spend a few weeks just listening to them in your normal way; then draw your conclusion at the end. Without an exact level match and a blind screen A/B testing is a tough thing to garner results from.

The overall performance should be quite similar in most respects between the M80 and the M100 but with a big gain in the low frequency area with the M100s, especially at higher volume.
Ian Colquhoun
President & Chief Engineer

#403812 - 05/03/14 01:31 PM Re: M100 v4 NEW purchase. [Re: Ian]
BapchaMan Offline

Registered: 04/02/14
Posts: 3
Many thanks Ian. I will try out your suggestions.


#406690 - 08/19/14 02:01 PM Re: M100 v4 NEW purchase. [Re: Ian]
Scottinwa Offline
frequent flier

Registered: 08/18/14
Posts: 13
Loc: Washington, USA
I want to thank (or blame) BapchaMan for convincing me to go with the m100's instead of the m80v4 HP.

The kind of reviews that sell me are those that:
1) use separate components in a 2 channel system
2) give direct comparisons to known speakers. I have read for example "The m80 v4 handily outperform my B&W x.xx model" and "The M-80 v4 can go toe to toe with $7,000 Vienna acoustics"

I am prepping to order some new m-100's and need to wipe the saliva off my solar powered keyboard.
Great Speakers start with great engineers.

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