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Epic Midi - 125 Home Theater Speakers
Boston Cherry Black Grilles
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Epic Midi - 125 Home Theater Speakers
5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating
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$1,786.00 USD
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  Boston Cherry Show with Grille
Black grille
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"Axiom has scored big-time. An inexpensive, micro-sized super-achiever."

The Epic Midi is perfect for small to medium-sized dens, living rooms or bedrooms. Find out more about this system in the video below.
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Product Information

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Epic Midi Home Theaters

Questions We Get All The Time

What size room does this work in?

How much power does my receiver need for these speakers?

Related Product: Also available in a bookshelf version.

At last - a home theater system that provides the low-profile look of in-wall speakers but avoids the sound compromises of tiny cube speakers. The Axiom Epic Midi·125 On-Wall system is the perfect solution for a bedroom, den or other small room.

The Epic Midi On-Wall speaker system provides the stylish design benefits of on-wall speakers, with the award-winning performance you've come to expect from Axiom's bookshelf speakers. The slimline M2 on-wall front speakers and VP100 on-wall center channel combine to complement the sleek look of your flat-panel TV, providing high definition sound that completes the hi-def home theater experience.

The M2 on-walls sonically mirror the award-winning M2 bookshelf speakers, but offer the versatility of an in-wall installation with no compromises in sound quality.

The VP100 on-wall center channel delivers a seamless blend between center, mains and surrounds, with plenty of depth and a spacious 3-dimensional soundstage. Dialogue is focused and natural on music or speech. And the speaker system is completed by the QS4 multidirectional surround speakers which provide superior envelopment for soundtrack effects and ambient detail.

The Epic Midi·125 system provides very pleasing clear sound with solid deep bass that fills out the lower frequencies of movies, music and HDTV. You'll love the clarity. The EP125 powered subwoofer with its aluminum-cone 8-inch woofer and 125-watt internal amplifier make this system a good choice for modest rooms - 1,000 cu. ft. (roughly 12 feet long by 10 feet wide by 8 feet high) to 1,800 cu. ft. With the Epic Midi·125 system you'll discover thrilling new listening experiences.


Professional Reviews

Industry Reviews of the Epic Midi 125 Family

"The M2 and EP125 make a superb combination in a small room system . . . the M2 is a legend in the making."
-- Kevin Hunt,


"This system provides a true high-end listening experience with both music and movies and is a steal at its price."
-- Q & A with Don Lindich
"I was stunned the first time I played the M2 . . . Axiom has scored big-time. An inexpensive, micro-sized super-achiever."
-- Doug Schneider,


"Listening to this track on the Epic Midi 125 sent chills through my body - I literally felt the energy of the crowd around me. Axiom's Epic Midi 125 may be comprised of small speakers but it is a mighty sounding system. It delivered clean and highly detailed audio with both movies and music."
-- Suave Kajko, CanadaHiFi


Photo Gallery

T2 - Back
M2OW - Back
click to enlarge
M2OW - Tweeter
click to enlarge
M2OW - Woofer
click to enlarge
M0 On-Wall Speaker - Back Quick-Click Bracket
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QS4 - Top QS4 - Top
click to enlarge
QS4 - Back QS4 - Back
click to enlarge
VP100OW - Back VP100 - Front
click to enlarge
W100 - Tweeter
VP100 - Tweeter
click to enlarge
W100 - Woofer
VP100 - Woofer
click to enlarge
EP125 - Front EP125 - Front
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Roll over each image for detailed information on the finish and stain.

Included with the Speakers:  
W2 - Wall Frame Wall Frame
click to enlarge
screws Frame Screws
click to enlarge
Binding Post Wrench Binding Post Wrench
click to enlarge
Allen Key Allen Key
click to enlarge
QS Bumpers QS Wall Bumpers
click to enlarge
QS Wall Brackets QS Wall Brackets
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Andrew Welker discusses the mounting options for our surround and on-wall speakers.



M2 On-Wall Specifications
Max Amp Power:
150 Watts
Min Amp Power: 15 Watts
Response +/- 3dB: 80 Hz - 22 kHz
Response + 3dB/- 9dB: 70 Hz - 22 kHz
Impedance (Ohms):
8 Ohms
SPL in Room1w/1m:
90 dB
SPL Anechoic 1w/1m:
86 dB
X-Over 2.7 kHz
Single 1"
Single 5.25"
Dimensions HWD mm: 293 x 211 x 91
Dimensions HWD inches: 11.5 x 8.3 x 3.6
Weight kg each 3.83
Weight lbs each 8.45
Specs QS4
Acoustic Suspension
Max Amp Power:
175 Watts
Min Amp Power:
10 Watts
Freq Resp +/-3dB (Hz):
100 - 22 kHz
Freq Resp +3dB- 9dB (Hz):
80 - 22 kHz
Impedance (Ohms):
8 Ohms
SPL in Room1w/1m(dB):
94 dB
SPL Anechoic 1w/1m(dB):
90 dB
X-Over 4.3 kHz
Dual 1"
Woofer: Dual 4 "
Sub Woofer:
Dimens. H W D (inches):
6.25" x 9.5" x 6"
Dimens. H W D (mm): 159 x 241 x 152
Weight (lbs) each
9.4 lbs
Weight (kg) each 4.264 kg
VP100 On-Wall Specifications
Max Amp Power:
200 Watts
Min Amp Power: 10 Watts
Response +/- 3dB: 105 Hz - 22 kHz
Response + 3dB/- 9dB: 75 Hz - 22 kHz
Impedance (Ohms):
8 Ohms
SPL in Room1w/1m:
93 dB
SPL Anechoic 1w/1m:
89 dB
X-Over 2.7 kHz
Single 1"
Dual 5.25"
Dimensions HWD mm: 225 x 431 x 91
Dimensions HWD inches 8.85 x 16.95 x 3.6
Weight kg each 5
Weight lbs each 11.05
Specs EP125 v4
Enclosure Type:
Power Watts Continuous RMS:
Power Watts Peak Dynamic:
Crossover Adjust Positions:
Frequency Response (+/-3dB) Hz:
30 - 150 Frequency Graph
Low Frequency Response to -10dB Hz:
Max SPL Anechoic:
Max SPL In-room:
Line In and Out:
Balanced In and Out:
High Level In:
Dimensions Inches (HxWxD):
14.5 x 13 x 17
Dimensions Millimeters (HxWxD):
368 x 335 x 430
Weight in Pounds:
Weight in Kilos:
Die Cast Woofer Basket:
DSP Amplitude Response Control:
0 & 180 Phase Adjust
Manuals Tab
Owner's Manual M2 On-Wall Owner's Manual
download now (281KB)
Owner's Manual QS 4 Owner's Manual
download now (517KB)
Owner's Manual V100 On-Wall Owner's Manual
download now (379KB)
Owner's Manual EP125 Owner's Manual
download now (756KB)
View Axiom's Five-Year Warranty



Customer Comments

Dear Amie, my first "hi-fi" system consisted of a H.H.Scott 25wpc receiver,Dynaco A25 speakers,and a Garrard turntable with a Shure cartridge. Since then,due to financial constraints from raising a family and a couple of serious illnesses,I have had to settle for "mid-fi" systems. I love music, and I especially love it when it is reproduced well. I am on social security and cannot afford to spend much on my hobby. I recently learned about Axiom from Don Lindich in one of his articles,after researching your company and reading the rave reviews,I decided to assume a little debt and order your Midi system. I also purchased a Panasonic SA-XR25 receiver,on Mr. Lindich's recommendation as well. WOW!!!! What a combination,especially for us "financially challenged" folks. I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful high end product,that also happens to be affordable. Many thanks,and my wishes for your continued success.   
5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating   Jack B., NJ

Read more customer comments on our home theaters here.

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