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RCA Adaptor
$48.00 USD
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Block That Hum! Getting loud hum from your subwoofer or speakers? You likely have a "ground loop". This is almost always caused by your incoming cable TV feed. The Axiom no loss chrome-plated ground isolator effectively blocks the hum-causing voltage difference between your cable TV feed and your A/V system, thus eliminating the hum. Note: this cannot be used with satellite dish systems. The ground isolator connects easily between your incoming cable TV feed and your cable TV set-top box. Also usable with Cable Card HDTV sets.

Axiom Ground Isolator features:

  • Simple installation
  • Full HD video bandwidth 5 MHz to 1.5 GHz - no degradation of HD or digital video picture quality
  • Supplied with RF female-to-female connectors and RF male-to-male adaptors
  • Sturdy nickel-chrome plated metal body