EP400 Subwoofer

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Our Customers Write

I purchased the EP400 as part of my system in a larger dedicated home theatre room but found it did not provide enough punch and sometimes over-extended itself, so I sent it back and upgraded to the EP500. The EP400 is intended for smaller rooms, and would do quite well in such an environment; very powerful and clean bass in a compact unit. However, if you have the space and/or a larger room, I would highly recommend skipping the EP400 for the EP500, especially considering it’s only about $120 more. Of particular note, the upgrade process was easy and seamless, I was provided with a prepaid label to return the EP400 and was permitted to keep it until the EP500 arrived. Great customer service!

4/5 Star Rating4/5 Star Rating4/5 Star Rating4/5 Star Rating   

We needed a small subwoofer to put in my husband's den. He's an audiophile so he wanted it to sound good. Your EP400 fit our needs exactly - thank you for the excellent job matching our built-ins. It was the perfect Christmas present

5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating5/5 Star Rating   Angela F., NS

If you want a small sub I would suggest the Ep400, it has an astounding sound to it and blends very well.

4.5/5 Star Rating4.5/5 Star Rating4.5/5 Star Rating4.5/5 Star Rating4.5/5 Star Rating   Jason L., AB

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