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Axiom Audio Tips & Tweaks

by Alan Lofft (bio)
Former editor of Sound & Vision and Audio Magazines

Improving Center Channel Intelligibility

Fine-Tuning Center-Channel Sound

Adjusting Surround Height

What is Impedance

Subwoofer Placement Tips

How to Eliminate Hum

Do I Need Two Subs?

Subwoofer Level Adjustments

How to Manage Video Connects

How to get a Seamless Soundstage
Adjusting Your TV

Spotting Video Flaws

Running Multiple Sets of Speakers in Other Rooms

Identifying Speaker Channels

Acoustical Room Treatments

Repairing Scratched CDs and DVDs

Cleaning Staticy Controls

Easter Eggs
Biwiring and Biamping

Speakers on Stands

Selecting Stand Heights

Do I Need Separates?

Trouble Hearing TV? A Center Channel Can Help!

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How to Create a Seamless Soundstage

Got a problem getting a smooth, seamless soundstage from your left main speaker across the center channel to the right speaker? Does much of the image seem collapsed into the centre? First, carefully adjust the center-speaker distance and level in your receiver's setup menu. Many enthusiasts run the center too loud. Adjust the center level loud enough so dialogue intelligibility doesn't suffer, but no louder. Try placing your main speakers so their front panels are even with the center channel, with the center channel further back, if possible (wall-mounting it behind the TV is another alternative). If the three main channels form a gentle arc facing your couch, with the center speaker the furthest away, you should experience a significant improvement in the forward soundstage.

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