you’ll EVER NEED.

Powerful, portable, wireless.
Play the music you love anywhere.

Transformative sound
doesn’t have
to be complicated.

Tired of trying to find that best sounding speaker, at the right price that works wherever you are, without all the headaches?

The only speaker, really? Yes, really.
  • Easy to use icon EASY-TO-USE

    Power on.

  • Portable speaker PORTABLE

    Take it with you, 9-hour battery.

  • Speaker with Wifi WIFI

    Connect through your home WiFi or the built in WiFi hotspot.

  • Bluetooth Speaker BLUETOOTH

    Play music directly from any device.

  • Multiroom speaker MULTI-ROOM

    Connect wirelessly with other AxiomAir speakers.

  • Powerful Audio Speaker POWERFUL

    Distortion free. Turn it up, because you can.

Get Started
How does it work?
  • How does it work?
  • Connect wirelessly anywhere.
  • Enjoy the highest quality sound wherever you are.
LOSE THE WIRES ~ keep the sound quality

“...the sound is brilliant. We don’t even use our big system. This speakers is portable, so we can bring it outside to the pool, to the beach or to a party. Beats our old BOSE unit...5 stars for sure!” – James Dean

AxiomAir plays everything.

  • Unbox. Power on. Connect.
  • Internet radio and podcasts
  • Your favourite audiobooks
  • Your personal music library
AxiomAir plays music from anywhere
There’s a tiny computer inside your speaker.
It’s called the Raspberry Pi.

You don’t have to think about this tiny, magical fruit flavoured dessert computer inside your speaker – unless you like to understand stuff.

If you love tech and specs, we made a whole video explaining the Raspberry Pi.

Click here for our Wizard Andrew to explain why this isn’t actually magic. (Except it sort of is – because I mean really? Information)

“This is the best sounding battery-powered speaker I’ve ever heard” – James Dean

Why Choose AxiomAir?

Music transforms how we feel. Whether you’re having a kitchen party, a backyard BBQ, or sitting on the dock with friends, we know you want to have the best sound in your life without all the hassle.

The problem is that there are so many products on the market, it’s hard to know what speakers to buy. It’s frustrating to sort through all the endless options and this leaves you wondering if you’re buying the right speaker for your needs. Finding a powerful, easy-to-use, speaker with the highest quality sound shouldn’t be so hard.

We know how you feel. That’s why we created the AxiomAir; a wireless speaker, with a built in battery that offers transformative sound quality. Fo over 35 years, Axiom has designed and manufactured award-winning speakers using one of the most advanced acoustical laboratories in the world. We don’t just make speakers, we make your events come to life.

We know there are a 1,000 speakers on the market, but if you’re ready to own the only speaker you’ll ever need click here and let’s get yours on it’s way to you. In the meantime, download our free guide to XXXX. (How much sound You need?).

Incredible sound doesn’t have to be so complicated. With one speaker; the AxiomAir will transform how you listen.
The Axiom Commitment.
Free Shipping
5-Year Warranty
30-Day In-Home Trial
One-Touch Wireless Firmware Updates
Made In Canada
immersive sound

Just because it’s the only speaker you’ll ever need,
doesn’t mean you won’t want more.

  • BIG AxiomAir

    All the same awesome as the AxiomAir but more power,18-hour battery option, turntable xxxx, and dual microphone jacks for the best karaoke party* ever.


    Same amazing sound, for your TV.


    We have 165 other products...but we don’t want to complicate things with too many choices. Click here if you want to see it all!

Don’t wait another minute to amplify the music in your life.