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The AxiomAir PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator) gives you the freedom to go anywhere without worrying about physical distancing. Go to work, go to the store - go to town with an AxiomAir!
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Protecting yourself and your loved ones during a pandemic isn't easy. It's frightening to be worried about going to work, going to the store, or being in any public settings. For many people, it means isolating at home indefinitely while we wait for a vaccine.

Enter the AxiomAir

With the AxiomAir, you can move about freely, confident that the only air you are breathing in has already been filtered. The machine lets you go about your day without worrying that particles will get in through your nasal passages, eyes or mouth. It's a return to the freedom you used to enjoy.

The AxiomAir comes with a 5-hour lithium ion battery that you wear around your waist in the included carrying pack. You can add a second battery for full-day coverage.

How It Works

You wear it almost like a hood. A lightweight helmet holds the protective wrap-around face shield and air inlet hose. The hose connects to an air filter that uses a KN95, N95, R95, or P100 filter to remove any particles out of the air before sending it to you to breathe.

The device fills the mask area with positive pressure, which means that no unfiltered air comes in to your breathing space.

An acoustically transparent particle filter neck piece allows sound to transfer in and out at normal levels, and when you exhale your breath escapes the mask space, but doesn't allow dangerous particles in.

The unit is being powered by the same battery technology we use for the AxiomAir portable speakers. We've built a low battery alarm and filter usage alarm into the unit so you get a audible warning when it is time to change your filter (this will vary depending on the environment it is being used in: a dusty factory will require more changes than an office space, for example).

The AxiomAir is made in Canada. Current production lead time is 21 business days; this is subject to change with orders received.

Questions We Get All the Time

What does it feel like to wear?

It's much lighter than a helmet (such as a motorcycle or football helmet.) The face shield is wide and roomy, with plenty of room for a pair of glasses, and full peripheral vision.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Each battery requires 2 hours charging time.

Aren't N95 filters reserved for front line workers?

N95 filters are reserved for health care workers, but KN95, R95, or P100 filters are readily available.

How long do filters last?

The filters will last around 1 week in an office setting; in a factory two days due to the increased

How much does it weigh?

The hood portion weighs 1.1 pounds, the battery is 1.5 and the pack with the filter and blower weighs 2 pounds (including the battery).



Weight (lbs) each 1.1
Weight (kg) each .49

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