Choosing a Stereo Solution for Bedrooms

Axiom M3 speakers in bedroom setting.
Pictured above, the M3 Bookshelf Speaker in High Gloss Black.

Look at Compact Speaker System If. . .

. . . you are considering speakers for modestly-sized bedrooms that have room for stands, or perhaps will be sitting on a dresser or other bedroom furniture. Our Bookshelf Speakers can also be mounted to the wall or ceiling. Performance of the M2 and M3 speakers will be dramatically more dynamic, natural, and realistic than tiny, overpriced cube-type speakers. These bookshelf front speakers will deliver remarkably neutral and transparent sound. Or step up to the astonishingly neutral M22 for larger rooms. If you have no adjoining neighbors and want subterranean bass extension to 13 Hz, add an Epicenter EP500 subwoofer.

Look at In-Wall Speakers If. . .

. . . you have a modern flat panel TV like a plasma or LCD display, or a front projector system. Axiom's In-Wall / On-Wall speakers have to be inserted into a hole in the wall, so they're not recommended if you are renting your home! Sonically identical to their compact speaker brethren, the M2 on-wall, M3 on-wall and M22 on-wall will provide audiophile-quality sound with an unobtrusive look.