How to Hook Up Your Google Home To External Speakers

Do you love the convenience of Google home but hate the compressed sound? If you've got a great pair of speakers in the house, you can have it all. Follow along as Andrew Welker explains how to hook up your Google Home To External Speakers.

How to Hook Up Your Google Home To External Speakers

Perhaps you just purchased a new Google Home Assistant device like the Google Home Mini here, but you're not happy with the sound of your music playing on it? Well, fear not. If you've got an existing stereo or home theater system, or even a wireless speaker system that has an analog input, you're in luck.

There are no actual analog outputs on any of the Google Home devices, which is unfortunate. It would be a nice feature.

But, Google has something called Chromecast, and Chromecast will allow you to send audio, or even audio and video, to any device wirelessly that's on the same home network as your Google Home Assistant. So, all you have to do, if you just want audio, is pick up a Chromecast Audio, which is a a little device that gives you access to a three-and-a-half millimeter audio jack.

And if you're connecting to an existing stereo, receiver, or amplifier that has RCA inputs, you just need a cable that converts a three-and-a-half millimeter jack into stereo RCA. Simply plug one end into the Chromecast Audio and the other into an unused auxiliary or CD input on your stereo or your receiver.

If your audio device, maybe it's a wireless speaker that has an analog input, has a three-and-a-half millimeter jack on it, you simply need a three-and-a-half millimeter to three-and-a-half millimeter cable. Now, if you have a full home theater receiver, you might think of getting a Chromecast or a Chromecast Ultra instead of a Chromecast Audio.
Now you'll need a free HDMI input because the normal Chromecast only has an HDMI connection. But the benefit is that not only can you play music, you can tell your Google Home Assistant to play videos from any of your video libraries. It's really convenient and it can sound, frankly, just as good as anything else you play on your big home stereo.