Loudspeaker Measurements: How Important Are Speaker Measurements?

We’ve talked with Doug Schneider, founder of SoundStage Network, about the importance of loudspeaker measurements.

Loudspeaker Measurements: How Important Are Speaker Measurements?

Some people say that measurement is not that important, and it’s all about the listening experience. But the truth is one can’t exist without the other.

Three Reasons Why Loudspeaker Measurement Are Important

1. Gets A Product Made 

Regardless of brand or manufacturer, speakers are created with the desired measurement in mind. According to Schneider, measurements can get a product made because they are designed based on these parameters.

He also said that “And ultimately for the listener, the consumer, they want to see good measurements of the products they buy.” 

2. Ears Are Tied to the Brain and Emotions 

Our ears are tied to our brains, emotions, and everything else. We are very easily fooled. There can be a particular piece of music that holds some sentimental value. And, it’s always going to sound great because you remember the memory and the emotion you had when you first heard it. 

3. Balances Subjective Reviews 

Loudspeaker measurements can also balance subjective reviews. According to Schneider, you shouldn’t be looking solely at measurements or reviews. It should be perfectly balanced. 

Schneider also said that back in the ‘90s the reviews weight too heavily on the measurements and less on the subjective, and now it is completely flipped around. 

“Here are the measurements, here is the subjective review, take it all and go in with that,” Schneider exclaimed. 

When You Should Look At The Measurements 

Many people think that they have to look at the measurements first so they could know what to listen for. Ideally, you shouldn’t do it this way. You should listen first without the measurements and then revert back to the details. If you want the measurements to guide the listening, now you can do that.

“If I go in there and do that test knowing where that flaw is, that's all I'm going to listen for. I'm going to be sitting there going, "Okay, I can hear that problem. It is audible. We're going to have to fix that." Then go back to the measurements,” Schneider exclaimed. 

He also said, “..some people out there, very few who think it's just fine to base your listening impressions on what you see in the measurements. Here are the measurements, "Oh, this is what I should be hearing." And then they miraculously go hear that. You have to listen to it independent of the measurements.”

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