Are Your Speakers Wired Out of Phase?

You know your speakers just don't sound right. One thing to check is the phase of your speakers. In this short video I will show how to do just that.

Are Your Speakers Wired Out of Phase?

Hi, I'm Mike Rogers from Axiom Audio, and with this short tutorial, I'd like to show you how to check the phasing of your speaker and its importance.

Here, we're using Axiom Audio's bulk speaker wire. The logos on the speaker wire is designated as positive, and the opposite negative.

Whether you're hooking up to an input directly or using a banana plug, positive to red, negative to black.

Same goes for the input. Red to red, and black to black.

Using a nine-volt battery, the positive side, hook it to the positive side of the opposite end of your cabling.

Touch this a couple of times to the battery.

If the woofer goes out, it's in phase.

If the woofer goes in, this is out of phase, and you should check your cabling.

If all checks out, hook her up to the amp. Red to red, and black to black.

So now, your speakers are all in phase. Something you might like to try is listen to a track off one of your favorite CDs here with some bass.

Now, listen to that track, and then relisten to it with one of your speakers out of phase, and you might be surprised on how big of a difference and how important it is to have that phasing all in phase.

So I hope this video helped out. And until next time. Ciao. And don't forget to put that speaker back in phase.