Started to Really Listen . . . A Revelation

Brent and I enjoy some of the same books, and one that both of us got a real kick out of was "Not Quite What I Was Planning", a collection of six-word memoirs that encapsulate peoples lives - some of them funny, some of them bittersweet, some of them profound.  For example, a few contributions:

"Dad died, mom crazy, me too." — Moby

"Couldn't cope so I wrote songs"— Aimee Mann

"Macular degeneration. Didn't see that coming." — Ian Gould

"Brought it to a boil, often." — Mario Batali

. . . you get the drift.  So Brent and I were musing about what our audio six-word memoir would be.  What six words characterize your experience with music?  Can you do it in just six words?  It's surprisingly challenging!  Message board member Seabear's sig file, for example, wouldn't qualify:

"Axioms; For when you've just Gotta have More Cowbell!"


"It's Axiomatic: I need more cowbell" would definitely qualify!

Brent took the first try at it - his six words . . .

"No words to describe my sound!"

What are your six words? Post them here! The best phrase will win a $50 Axiom Gift Certificate. $25 for the first runner up!

PS - Mine after marrying a loudspeaker man? Well, bonus points if you noticed the length of the title of this post . . .

All quotes are excerpted from


Amie Colquhoun

65 Comment(s)
  • Brian Howard

    "Six words to describe Axiom...Awesome."
  • Brian Howard

    "Six words to describe Axiom? Awesome"
  • Mark Nance

    Bad Speakers? Axe them get Axioms!
  • Gary

    Axiom, don't stay home without 'em.
  • Roger Mercier

    Do or do not, Axioms Do!
  • Fred Heinzler

    Music: An outburst of the soul.
  • Daniel

    Ok one from my younger days...sigh

    Lights out, music cranked, moist lips
  • Daniel

    My walk slows without a soundtrack
  • Daniel

    Eyes closed. Music soared. Tears flowed
  • Luc Villeneuve

    Turn them on, they will disappear!
  • Don Boehnker

    If only I had more Axioms!
  • Scott Libbert

    "Feel the music, move my soul!"
  • Mark S. Johnson

    Axiom Sound: Powerful, Delicate, Accurate, Thrilling.
  • Scott Libbert

    "Feel the music, move my soul!"
  • Andrew Falk

    Self-evident truths kick out the jams!
  • Andrew Falk

    Laughed, cried, the fat lady sang.
  • Andrew Falk

    Performance and value sound like Axioms.
  • Andrew Falk

    An Axiom; the whole is greater.
  • Andrew Falk

    Axiom power level, it's over 9,000!
  • Daniel

    I’ve been happy throughout the ears...
  • Daniel

    Be a Rebel! Feel the Revolution!
  • Daniel

    Smooth like Jazz, Miles above all
  • Errol Martin

    My Axiom, true sound, one love.
  • Stuart A. Milc

    Hammer fall. Glass shatters. Pin dropped.
  • andre lane

    Accurate Sound, Everything More, Nothing Less!
  • andre lane

    "Its the waves from the pebble".
  • Vincent Ng

    Holst's Jupiter: eargasm for the soul.
  • Shane

  • Old speakers Axiom's crank!
  • Chris Eberle

    Accurate Sound, Nothing More, Nothing Less.
  • My Axioms just ate my sandwich.
  • Randy R.

    Time to go to bed already!
  • Steve Furrer

    Axioms: Sound Beyond The Mind's Comprehension.
  • Steve Furrer

    Sound: Beyond the Mind's Linear Comprehension.
  • Marius

    My Axioms rock my world daily.
  • Chris Eberle

    Accurate Sound, Nothing More, Nothing Less.
  • Andrew Snell

    Axiom speakers, like having multiple eargasms!
  • Graeme

    At first listen, I was hooked.
  • Daniel

    Classically conceived. Self evident. Simply Axiom!
  • Daniel

    The EP800 awoke, the earth shook!
  • daniel brielmayer

    She said goodbye, my M80's hello...
  • daniel brielmayer

    Ahem the above should have read
    When the music appears, the fog clears!
    • Amie C

      It was a pretty funny typo! {grin}
  • daniel brielmayer

    When music appears, the flog clears!
  • Trevor

    my wants. my needs. my Axiom.
  • Troy Minor

    Color! I can hear in color!
  • Ken.C

    Music came on. My jaw dropped.
  • Andrew Neel

    Someone created audible beauty. I listen.
  • Dean Adams

    Sonic bliss is the Axiom way.
  • Fred Heinzler

    Axiom Speakers Equals A Better Life!
  • ArleyM

    Speed of sound, Foundation of Quality.
  • J.P. Swing

    Best sound I've ever heard - Axiom.
  • Bill

    Axiom Audio, sounds as it should.
  • Rob Hunter

    "Life without music, just too lonely."
  • Rob Hunter

    Life without music is just too lonely.
    • Rob Hunter

      Erk! Too many words. Let's try that again. "Life without music, just too lonely." That's better. ;)
  • Charles Harden Tharp V

    Devil's in the details; ears afire.
  • Ernie Fisher

    Quiet please — let the music speak...
  • Roger Skoff

    Like I want to hear more.
  • Andrew Murphy

    Clear and fine like PEI moonshine
  • Martin Gadbois

    makes my soaring brain, happy , serene...
  • Peter Bukowinski

    The music makes my ears smile.
  • Tom Baier

    Constantly discovering artistic emotion and love.
  • Brent Tombari

    cancel everything turn my Axioms' on.
  • Brian Green

    A Sonic Awakening Of Crystal Clarity.

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