Stereo Speaker Placement: Where to Put M3 Bookshelf Speakers?

Stereo Speaker Placement: Where to Put M3 Bookshelf Speakers?
Q. I have a dedicated listening room of 10ft 4in X 19ft 6in. What is the manufacturer's recommendation for stereo speaker placement of the m3s? Thank you for your time, — Aaron

M3 Speakers

A. The general guidelines for stereo speaker placement apply to the M3s as they would to any compact loudspeaker: Keep them away from corners (which will unnaturally boost the bass output) and separate them by about half your listening distance. You want to achieve a smooth, continuous soundstage across the front with no "hole-in-the-middle" effect. The latter is a symptom of too wide separation between the two speakers.

If you sit, say, 12 feet away, use about 6 ft. or more of separation between the two speakers. You can try angling them slightly in towards you (toe-in) or not. Keep them out from the wall by at least a couple of inches, and feel free to experiment moving them farther away from the wall behind. Every room is different, and nearby boundaries may or may not interfere. Most bookshelf speakers sound their best when the top of the speaker is close to your ear level when seated. Usually stands of about 16 to 24 inches are about right. More open, spacious sound is sometimes achieved keeping the speakers several feet away from the wall behind and side walls.

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