As most of you already know from earlier posts I am interested in setting up a stereo only listening room. If i should go with Axioms I am on the fence between M60's which I recently auditioned and the M80's. I would prefer not to have to add a sub to the system if I can get away with out it. When I listened to the M60's I thought the bass was pretty good. But since I want to avoid adding a sub if I can, I want every bit of bass I can get. This would suggest the 80's. I listen to all kinds of music. I know with my room size I can go with either model. I need some help from all you M80 owners. My main concern with the m80's are posts I have read about them .being difficult to place. I have heard contrasting stories from 8 inches from the wall to 4 ft. If you could just describe you experiences on your set up. Your room size and description / characteristics (bright or flat)?
Your distance off the wall?
Did you find them problematic?
Do you think the amount of extra bass was worth it?
I know some of this information is out there. I have done many searches but the search engine seems a little squirrely and the information semms scattered about many different threads. Please keep in mind that I would like your personal experiences not here say. I know my room and my electronics would be fine with either set. I just don't want them 4 ft into the room.
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