I'm looking for small, great sounding speakers that have at least a 5" woofer but are no taller than 12". I have not heard either since no one carries the Atoms in my area and I don't know anyone who owns Axioms.

I am familiar with the Paradigm sound and quite enjoyed it. From what I have read, the M2i's are a bit more forward which I don't mind at all. Both get ridiculously good reviews.
I do listen to alot of multichannel music. I will be running a them with a sub; a JBL PB-10.

I just want the forum's opinion as to which would be the best overall speakers in terms of accuracy, full midrange, and clarity. Also, becouse of my setup, I need speakers that are somewhat forgiving in terms of placement with a larger sweet spot. I will likely ceiling mount the mains.

I will be running them via a Yamaha 1500 and I'm upgrading from a Energy take 5.2 setup.