Actually, you can't really hear anything under 25 Hz. I couldn't believe that I couldn't hear the test tone at about 20-25 Hz. The SPL meter was reading stuff, my desk was rattling, but I couldn't hear anything.

And really, I'm not used to all the really low bass in music. Sometimes I like it, some times I don't. When I get to college, that definately isn't going to go over well with music. I'll have to drop it down a little bit on an equalizer. Anyways, during a movie you won't even know the sub is on. When i'm watching a movie without the sub, i'm like, ok, there definately is some missing bass there. Now I'm like, i don't really hear anything missing, but I don't hear the sub. Before with my satalite system I was accustomed to hearing 2 things, the speakers, and the sub. Now, you hear one thing in movies. In music you can hear more of a separation, but it still is one unit. Enjoy your sub!

P.S. I would recommend a 100Mhz crossover setting. That's what I have on my M22's. Really smooth crossover.

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