Yes this is my first post, & I have the audio bug bad. I have had this affliction ever since I heard a pair of Klipsch Horns in about 1963,but could never afford. Now some 40 years latter I can afford a pair of used Klipchs, or Axiom m80's. My listening area is abot 18x38 & I am currently runing (two channel only)Eosone 600's,pushed by Onkyo 8511 receiver, that I am reasonably satisfied with but cant help but think perhaps I have only begun to crack open the door to truly fine hi-fi. I have spent hours reading this forum, & fully understand that the only way to really know what I will like best is to do the side by side a-b test in my on home. But with the vast amount of experienced user's found on this board, I am hoping there might be a previous owner of Eosone who would share there thoughts on a comparison of Eosone 600, Axiom m80, & Klipsch Cornwall. Will I really hear a $1,000.00 differnce?

Thank's Saltyhook