I just wanted to firstly thank you guys on this board for steering me in the right direction as I made my first steps into the audiophile world. I'm now listening to Queen's Greatest Hits on my new Super T-Amp and M3ti speakers and am enjoying the experience immensely. The setup is run from my computer where I've now started to ditch all my mp3s in favor of Exact Audio Copy ripped cds to Apple lossless. Especially noticeable with well mastered cds like the aforementioned Queen.

Having given my preamble about being new to the audiophile world I figured I'd give some basic impressions on the super t m3ti combo. Firstly, if you are worried about bass and/ or general volume worry no more. Perhaps in a large room this might be a different story, but in a bedroom sized room this combo will play loud enough to annoy neighbors.

I did some minor A/B comparisons with my existing gear and was quite happy. I'm not used to listening comparisons, but the Super t brought out more detail while being warmer sounding with greater bass extension when compared with my Sony STR-DE835 receiver. I then compared the m3ti's with my polk rti6's on the super t. This was a little harder because I was very much used to the polks which are quite bassy and thus the m3ti's seemed a little anemic at first. I'm now thinking that along with greater resolution of detail the m3ti's are probably simply more accurate. Quite different speakers in any case, and I'm still happy with my polks in my surround setup.

Whew. I'll stop there for now but if anyone has any questions let me know. I'd be happy to give back to the forum. I was also wondering if anyone has a similar type setup with an external DAC. That's what I'm looking at next (perhaps the firestone spitfire) and was wondering if this would give a measurable improvement in sound? I'm working off of a m-audio revolution board right now and am obviously looking to build a bang for the buck type system. Hope this is useful to someone and I'm glad to have joined the axiom community.