My wife bought me an Onkyo 696 for the holidays. Its now time to upgrade my speakers and I've been doing lot's of research. Everything points to Axioms, which certainly bodes well for you.

Our media area is 12' wide and 17' long with the ceiling being 11' high on one side and 8' high on the other. The television has to be on the 12' wall as its the only wall without windows or a fireplace. I say this is our media area, not room, since its part of a larger room which includes my kitchen, dining room and game room.

Additionally, I'm reluctant to order any speakers yet as we have ordered some new furniture for the media area and until that arrives I won't really be able to assess proper placement.

First off, I don't expect my HT setup to power the entire 'larger' room, just the 'media area'. I intend for a second pair of speakers to supply the gameroom with sound.

Enough background, on to the questions.

Given the requirement from the wife that speakers (sub excluded) must either be mounted to the wall or on shelves, what Axiom choices do I have? Does the size of the room matter as much as the listening area? Are Axiom shelf speakers going to get lost in this one big room? Can they be wall mounted?

Thanks in advance