well jack.. if you are ever in san angelo(doubt it), you are more than welcome to come over and watch a COWBOYS game with me. the houston TEXANS(they picked a stupid name, kinda redundant) are starting to get fun to watch too. my wife finds me rather worthless during football season.

on friday nights, we go watch local high school football.. saturday day, we go watch the local college games. saturday night, i am usually watching college ball on TV, or playin poker with my buddies while we watch a college game. of course, sunday is full with pregame, noon game, 3 o'clock game, 7 o'clock ESPN game.. then highlights.. then, of course, monday nights game.. all in all, my weekends are pretty full.. but, i always seem to find the time to have a few beers in the middle of all that.

i cant help it. i am an addict.(to football)