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Keb is absolutely awesome! The only thing I don't really like about his recordings though is that the vocals and all the instruments are coming out of the centre. I would have appreciated a soundstage to his recordings.

I haven't had a chance to listen to him on speakers, but on phones there's reasonable soundstage, a little tight; but not too bad.....I think.

I'll have to take another listen.....

....Ok; I just took off the MS-1 plugged into the computer and put the MS2i back on which is plugged into the CD player and turned Keb' back on since he's still in the machine and...*whew*...yeah, some of his numbers are tighter than others. But still fun too!

It's cool here. The kids are in bed and the wife has put on her phones while watchin' TV and the house is quiet except for the fish tank. Phones can be a viable alternative for sure!