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Thanks, T. Very much.

Ray, I've already got the cable plant covered, thanks ;\) My challenges relate to which software to use on the server side (WMP, TVersity, Winamp Mobile, others?) and which user front-end might be easiest/best for the other users in the house (a new Denon 3808CI, the Wii, the DirecTV box, Winamp on a computer monitor, etc.). It's nice to have options.

I'm not seriously considering the Wii, because then I would be using it's wireless connection rather than the existing copper, and also because then I would be using the D/A converters in the Wii. I am seriously exploring the DirecTV box as an option, though.

You are way beyond my thought processes on this. I am prety much settled in on a 3808 (its on the way) and setting it up with a wireless bridge.

My Wii can see my network, but I haven't figured how to get out onto the internet with it. I believe I may have to go into the Shopping Channel and "buy" Opera for $5. Once I figure that out, I need to find out if I can use some type of wireless keyboard/mouse with the Wii.

You also mentioned using the DirecTv box. Hadn't considered it and don't know what you mean - can I get some detail? I have an H20 and an HR-20.