I dreamed I was hanging out with Tiana, Claire, and their boyfriends at Tiana's place, which was a house (looking suspiciously like my best friend's house growing up) instead of an apartment. The boyfriends were ignoring me, but Claire would try to tell me how cool her boyfriend was. She mentioned he scored a 5.0 on some test where 5.0 was the maximum score. I wonder if it was the dumbass test.

My sister was there, too, for some reason. We were going to take off, but then there were cheap cookies. I opened the package sloppily, and the cookies became a pile on the table. I took four. I was going to head out, but then I hesitated and asked Tiana's boyfriend if there was something I could put the cookies in for them. He tried to direct me to a box he thought had Ziploc bags, but it in fact had straws. I kind of just let it go at that point.

My mom was suddenly driving us home for some reason, but then I told her to stop so I could buy cookies and ice cream for everyone. My sister told her to stop at an A&H (whatever that is), as she had a coupon. Well, the A&H ended up being at the mall, and while there, we decided to take in a 9:00 movie. It was starring Jeff Bridges, though I thought it was weird because he kept doing a Harrison Ford-like smile. It started off with a sex scene which I missed because I was distracted, talking to other friends who ended up being there.

It was kind of cool. There was a concession stand right in the room itself, just dimly lit in neon.

The movie was getting kind of scary. Jeff Bridges was on a train, in a car that was wire cage, but with an open top. There was a car (automobile) inside the car, and he decided he needed to get into the trunk, so he started wailing on it with a shovel. I was afraid there'd be a body inside or something.

Anyway, two guys a couple cars away noticed his behavior and didn't like it much. They were the bad guys, apparently, and they started making their may toward Mr. Bridges.

With the train chase going on, I started talking to a veterinarian sitting nearby. For some reason, a lady had brought her dog with her to the movie. The veterinarian said he had to give the dog some medicine, and he got very serious (in a loud way) about it very quickly. He administered some foaming white stuff out of a syringe onto the dog's tongue, and we were presumably safe again at that point.

Only, then the doctor started raving about someone dangerous being in the theater. He addressed the entire audience, though he only told a specific few people to escape. He told them to leave and to lock the doors behind them. He mentioned several of my friends, and even Regina, so I guess she was there. Well, I didn't wait for any of them. I just started booking it, but as I was leaving, people were asking the guy who it was, who was this supreme evil they were facing, and he was yelling. "It's Bulldozo. Bulldozo is coming!"

As I was running away, I kind of got the feeling that I was Bulldozo.