Thursday, July 26, 2001

There is nothing better than coming home to see the screen door ajar and know that your speakers are waiting for you!

Yep, there was the box. Now comes what you are here for, the first moment of the commencement of the critical process called this mans AXIOM experience.

I set the box down in the living room...a day early. Chalk one up for AXIOM.

The box appeared in pretty good condition, but is was lighter wt. that others I had seen.

I carefully sliced the tape and opened the top. Each speaker was individually wrapped and then couched in foam. So far so good.

I lifted them and out falls the users manual. I sat and read each page. Hmmmm, this could use a little work. Really pretty generic. The warranty registration is enclosed in the middle. Bottom of the first and AXIOM flies out to center on this one.

I unpack the speakers and begin to examine them.

Aesthtics: They have a nice look to them and the first thing you do indeed notice is the unique asymetrical shape. The dressings are nice, but nothing extraordinary, and firmly on a par with ones peers. A double.

Construction: The speakers are well made. The binding posts are done nicely and are seated solidly in their heavy plastic pocket. The grill pops off in a posative way and is clean and sturdy. This reveals the drivers. Each module appears overbuilt-Thats good! but one thing did catch my eye. The allen screws which attach the drivers to the cabnets are raised. If we were to really be anal- Would this effect frequency/dispersion response? Most likely not, but one does wonder. A triple for AXIOM!

Time for the moment of truth! Lets hook them up!

OK, ready to go. But before I flip the switch; I should tell you I have been listening to a much larger set of Wharfedale Pacific Pi-30's till now. They are reviewed as "Throwing out an OCEAN of sound..." so I am very curious to see what will happen next.

I have a couple of CD's I like to use that I know. The Stereophile 3 CD, Sarah McLachlin's Surfacing, Stan Getz's Serenity, and finally Anita Bakers Rythm of Love.

So I stack them up, load Sarah, walk into the kitchen make myself an espresso and plop down on the sofa. PLAY

Sound: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........till next time :)